Omnium’s services are divided into three major business areas (M&A, Debt Advisory and Performance Improvement & Monitoring), providing a set of other services such as preparing Business Plans, Valuation and Feasibility Studies.

M&A buy-side

The process of a company’s acquisition, asset’s acquisition or partnership is divided into 5 major phases, with Omnium’s dedicated support in all phases, from strategy definition to contract negotiation.

  1. Acquisition strategy and targets selection
  2. Contacts and preliminary analysis
  3. Submission of indicative offer
  4. Due diligence coordination
  5. Submission of binding offer, contracts negotiation and closing

M&A sell-side

The disposal or capital increase processes are divided into 6 major phases to be developed in close cooperation with the client. After performing the value analysis, there is a decision by the shareholders to whether to proceed or not with the process.

  1. Value analysis
  2. Marketing materials preparation
  3. Contact with potential investors
  4. Analysis of indicative offers
  5. Due diligence coordination
  6. Analysis of binding offer, contracts negotiation and closing

Debt advisory

The debt advisory services intend to optimize the capital structure or cost. The process is divided into 6 phases that allow for an in-depth analysis of financing options and needs.

  1. Business plan preparation or review
  2. Capital structure definition
  3. Marketing materials preparation
  4. Contact with financial institutions and Q&A coordination
  5. Term sheets analysis
  6. Contracts negotiation and closing

Performance Improvement & Monitoring

The performance improvement service is divided into 3 main phases, encompassing business diagnosis, definition of transformation initiatives and assistance in the implementation of the initiatives. Complementarily, the performance monitoring services support monitoring a business plan or contractual obligations, as well as preparing business reporting and supporting key decisions.

  1. Business diagnosis
  2. Definition of transformation initiatives
  3. Support in the implementation of initiatives
  4. Monitoring and reporting

Other Services

Business Plans

Business plans play a key role in the implementation, analysis and monitoring of new strategies, services or markets. In addition, it is an important tool to align goals between management and shareholders and raise new sources of funding. Our services involve understanding the macro and market outlook, positioning of the company and the expected results in the coming years.

Feasibility Studies

Omnium’s feasibility studies comprise of assisting a client in critical decision making with regards to a new project or decision which project to undertake. Omnium helps assessing the potential return, risks and mitigation actions for new projects within the company.


Valuation services provide agents with a clear and independent view on the fair value of the company, business unit or asset. Omnium’s valuation services help clients in critical situations, such as M&A processes, accounting and reporting obligations, resolution of contracts, conflicts or legal disputes.